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At Grand Heights, our relationship does not end at your final payment. Our goal is to get to the root of the problem and fix it at its core. We offer counseling services as well as small monthly payment options that accommodate each unique individual situation. Contact us for more information and schedule your appointment with one of our professionals today.

Meet The Team


Christopher's vision is to bring knowledge and understanding to individuals that will ultimately make them the absolute best version of themselves. With a background in Psychology and Communications, Christopher plans to make an impact on society by helping clients with financial literacy and self-mastery. 

Growing up, Christopher made pretty good grades- often landing on the honor roll and principal's list. He's participated in Spelling Bee competitions, and even wrote the morning announcements in his 5th grade class.

At the age of 18, Christopher attended college at Indiana State then shortly transferred to Valparaiso to pursue a career in law. He quickly realized that school was not his passion, and a year later, he dropped out and moved to Los Angeles, California.

Having lived on the streets of Los Angeles, Chris learned a lot about people and motives, but also a lot about himself. "People to me are driven by their own emotions and prefer to deal with people that makes them feel good. If you have nothing else to offer, cater to one's emotions," said of Chris in a sit-down interview recently done with our writers.


After working warehouse jobs for some time, Chris decided that this is not something his body could sustain for years on end and decided to start his own company- a debt collections agency. Founded in 2021, Chris and his team has been working diligently to make the most positive impact on individuals and help the get to the root of their troubles so they can be well off into the future.

Christopher currently lives in Schererville, IN and has a five-year-old daughter who he is absolutely in love with.