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The Observers of the World

At this point, I quit trying to find a catchy intro or clickbait title and have decided to allow my brain to free flow ideas until I see what sticks generically. Over the past year, my time's been on wondering about the world around me; my curiosity of why and how people are the way they have been the source of my entertainment for days on end with taking very little action in my real life. Besides loading my brain with dopamine hits of false achievements stemming from video games, alcohol and women, my life has been about maintaining self. From the grooming to the car I drive, to my workout habits all stem from my self-conscious desire to alter the perspective the world has on me- for whatever reason. Often it seems the intent is to bait the most women into my experience, but as time goes on I realize women are a distraction from a truer purpose and that is to share myself with the world.

Right now, in life, from my observations, life is basically about surviving as best you can, and taking the extra time to share your gifts and insight with the world. So much of us are stuck in survival living paycheck to paycheck and the little extra money we do have is used on our own self pleasures. When in fact, that extra money should be used to create more freedom for yourself so you can spend that extra time helping the world. But, unless you're really good at making money then you can probably help the world with your extra money somehow, but only the ones helping themselves, since helping those who don't help themselves will only create more individuals who will not help themselves causing a much bigger problem for society.

Another thing that I've observed in this life is the dating world and how so many women AT FIRST believe they qualify for guys so out of their league, but overtime realize something very important: that guys will sleep with about 80% of women. I don't care if she is a 3/10 and he is a 10/10. If he thought that nobody would find out about it then he probably would sleep with her especially if she was making it that easy. The only drawback is that the girl that's a 3 may believe that this very attractive man is the new standard for her and that is kind of guy would keep her as his girlfriend. But reality is that's hardly the case. She was simply a quick nut and after a few more experiences she'll soon realize she doesn't qualify for this kind of guy.

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