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What is Red Pill: The Manosphere in a Nutshell

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

One day while scrolling through my YouTube Feed, I came across a Red Pill content creator named Alpha Male Strategies- but many of his listeners know him as AMS-, and after a few weeks of skipping pass his videos, I decided to click one to hear what he had to say. The title of the video that made me cave in was "They're All Sl**s" and basically the tune of the video was by nature, all women are sexually hypergamous and that any behavior that seems suspicious to you or doesn't make sense is because she's practicing her hypergamy and is looking for the best male genetics that she can reproduce regardless of how you feel and how loyal you think she may be. For those of you unfamiliar with the Manosphere, hypergamy is broadly defined as when a woman chooses- or selects- a man based on social status, finances, educational background, or on a primal attraction level- the Alpha. Women choose to date up; Men will date all across the board. In this article, we will discuss what the Red Pill community means, a brief glimpse into female nature, and what this could mean for men in society. If you like this article, please share it with friends and colleagues. It would really mean a lot and help this website to grow.

Now, before we go further, understand that "Red Pill" means to be awakened to female nature. Behaviors such as tactics used to find the best man possible and how women leverage themselves in the dating market. The "Manosphere" is basically a group of men who discuss what they have observed through their own dating experiences and compare each other's ideas with other men to reach the most logical conclusions about female nature. If you want a thorough breakdown of female nature and their biology, then I recommend you purchase The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi. It's a good read and know any man struggling to understand women will benefit from his book tremendously. Now let's get back to the article.

After giving AMS idea that all women are sluts some thought, I deemed that it does make sense for various reasons. For one, sexual urge is something every human on this planet experience at one point or another regardless of if you believe that person appears to be morally good or bad. We may think that since a person is "good" that they do not feel sexual desires which is false because every human has the unconscious impulse to reproduce. Now you may say, "Well if they're all sluts, then it would be easy for all men to get laid". Although that is a valid argument, here is where the premise lies. All women are sl**s; women just aren't sluts for men who do not fit her hypergamous nature. She will sl*t for Leonardo Dicaprio, but she won't slu* for the below average Joe living in his mom's basement weighing 400 lbs. addicted to off brand sodas and World of Warcraft. Yes, I said it. Fame and riches will get you more women. Being a broke loser will not. Now, of course you have your outliers that may debunk this claim; however, we are talking about the majority, and the majority of women prefer a man who has social status and is financially well off versus a man who is not. You may be an exception if you fit her looks criteria- say 6'3 lean and masculine, but even then, in most cases you have to have a level of charisma that sets it all together. To have all components would be ideal, but it's popularly noted that that threshold only belongs to about ten to twenty percent of men, while the rest of men end up paying for sex in one way or another often by money, energy, time, and attention. The male she views as Alpha wouldn't have to pay with resources, or at the very least he'd make bare minimum effort to get her sexual attention, but I'm sure you get the point.

With that being said, what the Red Pill community has been doing is leveling the playing field for men so they can get back in the game with a fair chance. Studies have shown that Generation Z has the loneliest bunch of men ever in history because most women are sharing the top men. Most top men have a rotation of five women at any given time while average guys may have only been with five women all their lives and I'm being generous saying five.

I find it interesting that women are willing to share a high valued man than to have all of an average one to themselves. It kind of hints at men having multiple wives long ago and how it's all starting to make sense to me. Nevertheless, with this information, men can use it to better themselves and compete in the dating market instead of being at home angry about female nature and how it works. The more you understand the better off you'll be, and it can prevent heartaches. If you haven't familiarized yourself with the late Kevin Samuels, then I advise you to do so because he brings to light how unrealistic women standards can be and why so many men are striking out in the dating market.

And with that, I leave you with something to think about: What we see in the dating market is a man can be a 10 and sleeps with a woman who is a 3. In his mind, "This is just sex; I wouldn't be caught dead with her", but in the woman's mind, "This man is having sex with me; he must really like me- He is the new standard for me in the dating market." If this keeps up, where do you think society will end up as a whole?

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